How to Wear…Stripes

Stripes is one of my absolute favorite patterns. It can go with anything and they look fabulous. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to wear stripes and can wear them atrociously. And what’s the fun of fashion if you don’t look good? So here are some pointers for how to wear stripes.

Wear  Minimal Accessories. If you wear accessories that compete with your stripes, you become too busy and completely distract. Wearing minimal accessories (like solids and neutrals) you create a beautiful palette with stripes being your main focus.

Big or Small? If you have broad shoulders, choose smaller stripes, since thicker stripes will make your shoulders look ever bigger. If you are petite, a thicker stripe will create curves.

Play it Nautical. Very few patterns have a built-in theme like stripes. Stripes can instantly look nautical with the right accessories, such as an anchor necklace or a pair of boat shoes. If you’re having trouble getting dressed in the morning, just choose a striped shirt and a nautical accessory and you will look instantly great.

Let Them Emphasize an Already Great Outfit. When you have on a bunch of great solid separates, choose a striped skirt to bring it all together, making the look absolutely put together and chic.

And that’s all for today’s How to Wear… Check back again soon!